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Innovation of Technology Summit

January 31, 2019
This third summit of the Connected Coast series focuses on business and technological innovation that shape a resilient community.

The Connected Coast Summit: Infrastructure

November 29, 2018
This is the second summit of the Connected Coast series aimed at promoting community resilience to future hurricanes. We kicked off the series with a event on broadband access. This summit focuses on infrastructure resilience.

Long Term Economic Recovery and Resilience

May 23, 2018
This workshop brought together federal and state agency partners to engage with local officals about resources and programs available to impacted communities for their long-term post-Harvey recovery.

EDA Grant for Recovery & Resilency Plan

Mar 19, 2018
Along with the College of Business, the Coastal Bend Innovation Center and South Texas Economic Development Center together receive an EDA grant to coordinate the recovery process following Harvey and to implement a resiliency plan for future hurricanes.

Assistance with Digital Marketing Strategies

Feb 2, 2018
Dr. Karen Loveland makes a presentation on digital marketing strategies to Rockport-Fulton business owners impacted by Harvey.

Presentation at Rockport Chamber Meeting

Nov 22, 2017
The team begins our formal collaboration with communities affected by Harvey.


Recovery from the 2017 Storms

February 12, 2019
This is the third update on economic recovery from Harvey and Irma. Data draw on the 90 disaster counties in Texas and Florida.

Business Recovery from Harvey: One Year Later

December 10, 2018
This is a summary of a recent study on business return in the Rockport-Fulton area. Survey data provide insights into what factors have driven the decision to reopen a business.

Bridging the Digital Divide in South Texas

September 29, 2018
This article desribes how broadband internet access promises to make the Coastal Bend communities more resilient.

The Economic Aftermath of Harvey

September 27, 2018
This is the second update on Harvey's impact and recovery across the 41 disaster counties in Texas.

In Harvey's Path

Mar 19, 2018
This article presents a counterfactual scenario in which Harvey hit Corpus Christi instead of Rockport. This would have made Harvey the costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

HARVEY: Immediate Impact and Recovery

May 30, 2018
This report describes changes in the local economies of the Coastal Bend in the wake of Harvey.