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Geolocation Data

Daily mobility data from Google Mobility Reports provide insights into changes in our community in response to the stay-at-home order and its aftermath. Weekly foot traffic data from SafeGraph show the amounts of economic activity in Corpus Christi's business locations relative to pre-COVID-19 levels.

COVID-19 Impact & Recovery in Texas by Industry

Business Dataset:

The business dataset draws from Homebase data of over 60,000 businesses and 1 million hourly employees active in the U.S. All the rates compare that day vs. the median for that day of the weeks in January 2020. Cyclical dips occur on weekends, when businesses are more likely to be closed.

Hours Worked: The volume of hours worked by employees is calculated from the hours recorded in Homebase timecards.
Locations Open: The number of businesses open is based on whether or not a business had at least one employee clock-in.
Employees Working: The number of employees working is based on the distinct number of hourly workers with at least one clock-in.

All Businesses in Texas

Food and Drink


Home and Repair

Beauty and Personal Care

Health Care and Personal Fitness

Leisure and Entertainment

Professional Services


New COVID-19 Cases

Where are we now in the pandemic?

The following chart shows how Texans stack up with the rest of the nation. Texas shares the same trend as those of several states in the South, notably Florida.

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims

Labor Market Dataset

This dataset, which derives from the Texas Workforce Commission, paints the most up-to-date picture of the local labor market.

County-Level Unemployment Map