Rebuild South Texas

We continue to provide an update on the South Texas Gulf Coast region's economic recovery from Hurricane Harvey. In this 2019 edition of Aqua Book, the focus is limited to the metro area. A newly developed website provides updates on community recovery from the hurricanes of 2017, which includes Irma in addition to Harvey.

Harvey was not only the largest storm that made landfall near Corpus Christi since Celia in 1970, but it was also recognized as the second costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. We understand that life in our coastal communities will never be the same, but to support a speedy recovery, this publication continues to monitor those local economies after the storm.

We continue to look for ways to interact with you and to improve your experience. We have enhanced data visualization with more interactive graphics and more attractive layouts. We hope these new features will help you better understand ways to meet the challenges of South Texas, particularly to revitalize our business community and restore key economic drivers in this region.

As always, we appreciate your readership and continued support of our work.

Editorial Team

South Texas Economic Development Center
College of Business
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Aqua Book Editorial Team

Dr. John Gamble, Dean, College of Business

Dr. Jim Lee, Co-Editor

Dr. Elwin Myers, Co-Editor

Thu Quach, Research Assistant

We are excited to unveil a new look to our Aqua Book. We hope this infographic format will help you stay informed of the trends affecting our South Texas areas.

We present economic data in the form of charts that help us visualize the underlying trends and patterns behind the data. We welcome your feedback. We also look forward to engaging with you in the future. The first edition of Aqua Book is located at

Primary Data Sources

Real Estate Center at TAMU: Unemployment rate, employment growth, building permits, average home value, population and migration patterns

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts: Sales Tax Collections

Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI): Employment by sectors, Locational Quotients of economic sectors, annual earnings per employees, business establishments, educational attainment

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED data: County-level data for unemployment rates and personal income across the region