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2017 4

Housing Market Downswing?...

Corpus Christi's housing market has been booming since 2010. Despite a slowdown in the local economy, residential construction remains active and home prices stay at historically high levels. Is the housing boom coming to an end soon? This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 3

Impacts of Rising Seas...

Corpus Christi is one of the Gulf cities most vulnerable to the risk of rising sea levels. This article presents estimated impacts under the alternative scenarios of higher water levels by two feet and six feet. Given the projected sea level changes, the impacts seem manageable, but the increase in economic losses would accelerate for each additional foot of higher water level. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 2

Closing Income Gaps with Education...

Survey data show that youth who grow up in areas with more manufacturing are more likely to finish high school and college. In regions with more degree-intensive employment, children born to parents without college education are more likely to be college graduates. Simple calculations indicate substantial returns on public funding for human capital investment that may reduce the regions educational and income gaps. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 1

Seasonal Employment...

Monthly employment and unemployment data for Corpus Christi show remarkable seasonal patterns. In addition to employment in the agricultural sector, local government employment displays a distinct regular pattern within a year. Those seasonal factors could potentially bias interpretations of changes in local economic activity based on official data without seasonal adjustment. This article is available on the digital platform.