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2017 10

Immigrants in Corpus Christi...

While the population share of immigrants in Corpus Christi is relatively small, an estimate of one in three of them are undocumented workers. Nearly 60% of local immigrants were born in Mexico, and the number of those from Asia has soared. Proportionally more immigrants have a graduate degree and less than a high school education. Undocumented immigrants are heavily concentrated in some labor-intensive industries of the construction and services sectors. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 9

What Levels the Playing Field?...

This article summarizes some recent findings on income and wealth gaps for the major racial and ethnic groups. College education and other observable factors that reflect individual choices do not collectively explain all the observed economic disparities for Blacks and Hispanics, highlighting the extent of our ignorance about the underlying causes of racial/ethnic inequality. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 8

Demystifying the $10 Billion Impact...

San Patricio County has been selected as the location for the construction of the world's largest plastics manufacturing plant. The $10 billion capital expenditures will generate a sizeable impact on that county, but its neighboring Nueces County will reap most of the ripple effects. Economic impacts will also vary by industry. Compared to the construction phase, the plant in operation will create a larger multiplier effect due to the permanent nature of the direct jobs that also pay substantially more. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 7

Recent Employment Dynamics...

Since oil prices collapsed in late 2014, the upstream oil and gas industry has shed over 3,000 jobs locally, but Corpus Christi has sustained a relatively modest downturn in employment due to a variety of factors, including industry-wide and nationwide growth, and self-employment across different sectors, particularly professional and business services. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 6

Economic Diversity Across South Texas...

This is a summary of the 2017 edition of Aqua Book, published annually by the South Texas Economic Development Center. The local economies of South Texas are diverse. This aspect of the region makes it difficult to apply any one-size-fits-all type of economic development policy for the region. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 5

Local Business Dynamics...

Business formation and growth are the key sources of long-term economic growth. In this article, we take a close at small versus big businesses, and new versus established businesses in Corpus Christi. The data highlight the importance of business startups and the business churning process to the local economy. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 4

Housing Market Downswing?...

Corpus Christi's housing market has been booming since 2010. Despite a slowdown in the local economy, residential construction remains active and home prices stay at historically high levels. Is the housing boom coming to an end soon? This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 3

Impacts of Rising Seas...

Corpus Christi is one of the Gulf cities most vulnerable to the risk of rising sea levels. This article presents estimated impacts under the alternative scenarios of higher water levels by two feet and six feet. Given the projected sea level changes, the impacts seem manageable, but the increase in economic losses would accelerate for each additional foot of higher water level. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 2

Closing Income Gaps with Education...

Survey data show that youth who grow up in areas with more manufacturing are more likely to finish high school and college. In regions with more degree-intensive employment, children born to parents without college education are more likely to be college graduates. Simple calculations indicate substantial returns on public funding for human capital investment that may reduce the region's educational and income gaps. This article is available on the digital platform.

2017 1

Seasonal Employment...

Monthly employment and unemployment data for Corpus Christi show remarkable seasonal patterns. In addition to employment in the agricultural sector, local government employment displays a distinct regular pattern within a year. Those seasonal factors could potentially bias interpretations of changes in local economic activity based on official data without seasonal adjustment. This article is available on the digital platform.